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With the development of the Internet, dating sites have become popular, especially for niche communities such as polyamorous, threesome, swinging, sissy and so on. In recent years, the swinging fanaticism has swept across Europe and the United States, and many people believe that swinger dating can strengthen the relationship between husband and wife. For those couples or singles looking for swinging, is the right place for them.

What can you get provides swinger dating sites rankings, dating tips, and news. You can subscribe to the swinging festival news on our website.

How We Rank Sites

Number and quality of users: Users of the dating site will decide if you can find the key factors for a potential partner. In other words, the more users, the more likely members are to meet someone they like. We conduct a one-month use test on each website to determine the number and quality of users by statistical response rate, dating matching rate, and community online number. Besides, we will check the Alex ranking of the website, which is also a factor in determining the number of users.

Features and ease of use : The 10 websites we rank have basic functions, search, send mail, access basic information such as personal information and online chat. Some websites have advanced features that allow you to search for a partner based on your hobbies, marital status, and more. Mobile-friendliness is a key factor in determining whether a website is easy to use.

Membership fee: Many websites require a fee to get access to premium features. The cost is a secondary factor in our rankings, and of course, there are free swing sites, such as fab swinger

Other review sites' recommendations and user reviews:: will obtain an objective review of the swinger site from the Google Store or the Apple Store or other professional review sites.


All ranked websites have strict privacy protection policies and they share the following common characteristics:

  • For dating matching services
  • Improve the website experience
  • Delete personal data
  • High-level security server
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